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The Confucius Institute Distinguished Lecture Series brings leading scholars in the field of China Studies to UB to present their research to broad, interdisciplinary audiences. Visit our events calendar to learn about upcoming and recent speakers.

All UB faculty members are invited to recommend prominent scholars in their fields so the series can cover a broad range of topics related to Chinese culture.

Read the 2020-21 lecture series call for proposals

Recent presentations at UB have included:

  • Centralized College Matching Mechanisms, Stability, and Student Welfare in China (Mar 2020)
    Yang Song, Assistant Professor of Economics, Colgate University
  • Education, Gender and Upward Mobility among China’s Single-child Generation (September 2019)
    Vanessa Fong, Professor of Anthropology, Amherst College
  • Abortion as a Topic for Feminist Historical Research: The Case of China (May 2019)
    Matthew Sommer, Professor of Chinese History, Stanford University
  • Polyandry and Wife Sale in Qing Dynasty China (May 2019)
    Matthew Sommer, Professor of Chinese History, Stanford University
  • Beyond Teleological and Mao-centered History: The Beginning of the Cultural Revolution Reconsidered (Apr 2019)
    Yiching Wu, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto
  • Anger, Compassion and the Idea of “No Self” (Apr 2019)
    Kwong-Loi Shun, Professor of Philosophy, University of California-Berkeley
  • Fighting Future Terrorism Via Sense of Belonging at School: Evidence from China and 46 Other Countries (Apr 2019)
    Ming Ming Chiu, Chair Professor of Analytics and Diversity, Education University of Hong Kong
  • The Invisible Reading Wars in China and the Lessons for America (Mar 2019)
    Phillip Hui Li, Professor in Early Childhood, Macquarie University, Australia
  • Root and Contemporaneity (Feb 2019)
    Zhu Pei, Dean, School of Architecture, Cultural Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing