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Janina Brutt-Griffler

Professor and Associate Dean of International Education and Language Programs, Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo

Professor Brutt-Griffler is Professor of Learning and Instruction and Associate Dean for International Education and Language Programs. She has taught at a number of leading international institutions, including in the English Department at the University of Vienna and the University of York, England. Professor Brutt-Griffler’s research program focuses on the understanding of language use in society, educational policy, and higher education. Her first book, World English: A Study of its Development, a detailed historical investigation of colonial language policy in the British Empire, revises our understanding of how English came to its globally dominant position today and draws out the implications of its rapid spread for other languages and cultures. The book was honored by the Modern Language Association of America with its Kenneth W. Mildenberger Award for the outstanding book in the field of language, culture, and literature. Her volume English and Ethnicity offers a scholarly exploration of the complex interaction between the English language and the construction of ethnicity/identity in other languages. The volume demonstrates that the constructs of both English and ethnicity are contested sites of identity formation in the English-speaking world.

Professor Brutt-Griffler edits The International Journal of Applied Linguistics (with Wiley-Blackwell). She is the UB’s Principal Investigator of TRANS-DOC: Transatlantic Doctoral Training funded by the Erasmus Mundus Programme of EU Commission, Brussels.