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HSK Registration Manual

HSK (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi) is an international Chinese language test to measure a student’s ability to communicate in Chinese in daily life, academic and work settings. HSK consists of two independent parts, a written test and an oral test (HSKK). The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is designed for students at the pre-college level.

HSK is offered on levels 1-6, and YCT on levels 1-4. Students register to take the test on a particular level.

UBCI administers HSK and YCT several times a year. The oral test (HSKK), which is required for Hanban scholarships, is offered four times a year in conjunction with HSK.

In 2019, UBCI also will administer the Business Chinese Test (BCT).

HSK/HSKK/YCT/BCT schedule 

2019 examination dates at UB

Most tests begin at 9:00 am. Afternoon session may be added based on the number of test takers.

Tests will take place on the University at Buffalo North Campus. Test takers will be notified of the exact location about a week prior to the test date.

Results of most tests are sent approximately one month after the test date.

Registration deadlines refer to Beijing time

Saturday January 12 (HSK and HSKK)
Registration deadline: January 2

Sunday, February 24 (HSK and HSKK)
Registration deadline: February 14 

Sunday, March 10 (HSK only)
Registration deadline: February 28

Saturday, March 23 (HSKK only)
Registration deadline: March 13

Sunday, April 14 (HSK only)
Registration deadline: April 4

Saturday, May 11 (HSKK only)
Registration deadline: May 1

Sunday, September 22 (HSK only)
Registration deadline: September 12

Saturday, October 13 (HSK only)
Registration deadline: October 3

Sunday, December 1 (HSK only)
Registration deadline: November 21

Registration deadlines refer to Beijing time

Saturday, October 19
Registration deadline: October 9

Sunday, November 17
Registration deadline: November 7

Registration deadlines refer to Beijing time

Saturday, April 13
Registration deadline: April 3

Students need to register and pay for their test at least 10 days prior to the date of the exam, Beijing time. UBCI has prepared a manual to help students register for HSK or YCT.