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Chinese Culture Resources



Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Video Lecture Series

The Modern Chinese Literature Video Lecture Series presents lectures on a variety of topics from the late Qing to the present. The lectures are intended for classroom and pedagogical purposes, but anyone interested may register at the site and watch them. Some of the lectures are based on essays originally published in the Routledge Handbook to Modern Chinese Literature and the Columbia Companion to Modern Chinese Literature.


This Week in China’s History

This Week in China’s History is a SupChina feature that provides interesting insights and analysis of significant moments in Chinese history. Lots of great material in easily-digestible, blog-style posts covering topics from Matteo Ricci to Lord McCartney to contentious 20th-century basketball games.


Pieces of China Podcast

Pieces of China is a China Institute podcast series featuring experts and thought leaders introducing objects, places, and ideas—personal or culturally significant—that combine to build a unique picture of modern China. From architect Didi Pei to hip hop artist Bohan Phoenix, listeners learn about Chinese culture in engaging 15-minute podcasts.


Chinese Music and Dance

Highlights from the UB Confucius Institute’s first online concert
The Confucius Institute hosted a Zoom concert on May 29, 2020, featuring performances by Confucius Institute guest teachers, students and family members. View performances from this concert and learn about popular Chinese instruments, music, and dance.

Chinese music on Spotify
If you have the Spotify app, free or premium version, listen to this wonderful Chinese traditional music collection.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Taiji) 5 Minutes a Day
Enjoy these short, relaxing introductory modules, broadcast from a park in New Zealand.

8-form Yang Style Tai Chi
These are the movements taught in the Confucius Institute zoom tai chi mini-course in May 2020.