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UB Confucius Institute Holds Teacher Training

New Confucius Institute Associate Director Mark Yin presents at the teacher workshop

Buffalo, NY – In August 2017, the University at Buffalo Confucius Institute (UBCI) welcomed three new teachers from China: Sainan Zhao, who will be teaching in the City of Tonawanda School District, Yan Lin, teaching in Akron Central Schools, and Zhicui Qi, who will teach at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute. These teachers join 11 returning Confucius Institute guest teachers in K-12 schools and two visiting professors at the University at Buffalo (UB). To help the newly-arrived Chinese teachers quickly adapt to their U.S classrooms and returning Chinese teachers develop more effective teaching strategies, UBCI hosted a professional development workshop on September 16, 2017, in Park Hall 280, UB North Campus.

The topic of the training was classroom management and effective strategies for teaching Chinese in K-12 schools. Presenters included Dr. Corinne Kindzierski from the Department of Elementary Education and Reading at Buffalo State College, Professor Jijun Yu from the Confucius Institute at Alfred University, UB students of Chinese language, and five experienced K-12 teachers in local schools. UB Confucius Institute director Zhiqiang Liu, associate directors Bruce Acker and Huadong (Mark) Yin, as well as 16 teachers from China participated.

Professor Corinne Kindzierski presents on classroom management

Professor Corinne Kindzierski of Buffalo State College presents on classroom management

Dr. Kindzierski presented on “Behavior Management Strategies and Effective Instruction Principles.” She addressed students’ classroom behavior problems, student motivations for cooperating or being disruptive in class, and methods for creating a productive learning environment. Dr. Kindzierski stressed proactive strategies—especially positive reinforcement and interactive lessons—but also discussed appropriate consequences for behaviors that are not conducive to learning.

Professor Yu shared his experiences relating to schools and teachers as an associate director of a Confucius Institute in New York State. He offered guidance to the teachers on effective communication strategies in American schools and local communities.

Two current UB students, Norman Yu and Russell Guilbault, who were successful Chinese language students in American high schools, talked about their experiences learning Chinese. They discussed the factors that generate interest among American students and the characteristics of an effective foreign language classroom.

Five members of UBCI’s local Chinese Language Council of Buffalo—Ming Yu and Yan Li of Stanley M. Makowski Early Childhood Center, Shue Zheng and Qianwen Lu of City Honors School, and Yajie Zhang of Nichols School—gave presentations on teaching philosophy and strategies. Specifically, they focused on the differences in teaching and learning styles among different age groups and differences between public and private schools.

Professor Zhiqiang Liu and Professor Huadong Yin gave concluding remarks, encouraging teachers to actively integrate into local schools and communities, work enthusiastically, and live happily.

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