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Apps/online lessons for high school and college


Language Lessons

Learn to Speak Chinese
Produced by CCTV, these series consist of 15-minute lessons organized sequentially and by topic, from beginner to advanced; including Survival Chinese, Travel in Chinese, Happy Chinese, and many more.

Popup Chinese
A large collection of podcasts from beginner to advanced levels on a wide range of current and useful topics. Also includes videos, short stories, a writing pad, flashcards and sample HSK tests. Sign up for a free account or buy a yearly subscription to access all features.

UNC-Chapel Hill online Chinese textbook
Structured, sequential lessons with video, dialog text, grammar explanations, and vocabulary lists.

BBC Online Chinese
Free introductory lessons, introducing key words and phrases with audio, video, grammar explanations, and more.

Dictionaries, Flashcards, etc.

Dictionary app. English-Chinese and Chinese-English. Look up Chinese words by character or pinyin. Flashcard and other functions also available. Download for iTunes, Google Play, or Android.

50 Chinese Idioms