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Letter of Thanks from Recent St. Joe’s Grad Jack Dudek

Jack Dudek


The following note of thanks comes from Jack Dudek, a recent graduate of St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute and current undergraduate at Michigan State University, where he has continued his study of the Chinese language.


Dear Mr. Acker,

I wanted to write you this letter of thanks for your publication of my essay in the Confucius Institute story publication this year. The opportunity that you and so many others with the organization provided to learn Chinese and compete in the Chinese Bridge Speech contest, as well as perform at the New Year gala every year, was one of the most important part of my high school years, and I cannot thank you enough for everything that I mentioned in that essay and more. Thank you for continuing to reach out to students and offer them so many opportunities in Chinese language learning.

I would also like to further thank you for the inclusion of the gift card for books, as I am an avid reader. I hope you have an excellent new year with UB.


-Jack Dudek

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